Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Mirror of deeds

My daughter celebrated her birthday last week. Her birthday was something she had been eagerly waiting for. More than the cake and the gifts, she was excited to tell everyone her new age J. She used to add up her age even before she actually celebrated her birthday. I used to be like her when I was a kid, waiting for birthdays to tell my new age. But at some point, the interest in looking forward for my birthday to celebrate a new age diminished.

The world is new and there is so much to be see.
To experience and grow what they choose to be.
Yet of all, growing up fast seems their only wish,
Bumping up their age like some race to finish.

When in the middle age you feel you are growing fast,
The world is the same and you should slow down to last.
Lowering the age might help only a bit,
But growing with the age takes a long grit.

Old age I am told is a different ball game.
When you know life is not just name and fame.
And age is a number to your destiny it leads,
For life is a mirror of your own deeds.

~Narendra V Joshi

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Srinivasan Balasubramanian said...

Well, the concept is you are expected to celebrate only till 30 and you stop ageing after that ��. Jokes apart as kids we can't wait to grow up and when we get there, we understand what was the hurry for ��