Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big Kid now

Our daughter loves to play in the childrens play area of the mall. We usually head to the mall on the weekends and sit in the play area watching her play. The toy car, the slides and the bridge seems to be her favorite.  I remember, just 6-7 months back, she could even barely reach them, leave alone climb them. She would try to climb only to be pushed aside by the big kids. I would lift her and put her on the slide top once in a while for her to slide down. She would get bored in a few minutes and would want us to carry. Things have changed much in the recent months. She has grown tall and simply jumps on the toys.  She easily spends an hour or more playing and I no more have to help her with the slides. I just sit there happily for hours watching her play.

The slides were big and cars were tall
A climb on the rubber bridge meant a sure fall.
She would try nevertheless to climb on the toy
Hoping to slide like that big girl and boy.
Months have passed and she is a big girl now
A hop into the car is no more help from around;
The slides and the rubber bridge are just steps of fun
As she and the big kids play the toys they have won.
I wonder how long will all this last
The toys and the play area will soon be memories of past.
The envy, the efforts and the winnings will all fade
Only the play area stays looking for new memories to be made.

~Narendra V Joshi