Monday, January 22, 2018

The White Blanket

We had record snow of almost 8 to 10 inches in our city this week. It snowed nearly the entire day covering the streets, lawns and trees like a thick white carpet. It was a beautiful sight, to see everything white and glowing. But that sight was short lived. The walk ways were quickly cleared and people thronged the lawns to play in the snow. The beautiful snow carpet was trampled and almost destroyed. The temperature increased today and all snow melted. I am now waiting for the next snow.


The lawns and streets looked carpeted white;
With snow stuffed trees on the sides glowing bright.
The snow had covered every inch of the land;
Eclipsing the earth at the stroke of its wand.

The men soon arrived with shovels and salt;
To clear the snow and bring its spread to a halt.
Children and families swooped to capture the enthralling sight;
Trampling the snow which was laid picture perfect right.

The earth showed again as the day grew old;
Bursting with colors as the snow started to unfold.
Despite all colors the earth missed its glow.
Waiting to be painted with a fresh coat of snow.

~Narendra V Joshi

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