Friday, May 15, 2015

The pollen river

I have an allergy for tree pollen and suffer every year for about 2 weeks during spring. The allergy medicine is effective only until afternoon or early evening, and comes with a warning not to exceed the daily dosage. So I suffer from the allergy symptoms for at least a couple of nights during the allergy season.
This time too I suffered with my allergies when spring started. When I was in my first week of allergy, it rained heavily one day. The rain started in the evening and continued well into the night. The water flowing on the street looked like a green river due to the pollen. I was happy that all the pollen was gone and was looking forward for an allergy free next day until the symptoms showed up again.
It has been more than a week now without allergies and it looks like I am past my allergy season for this year.
Jotted down my experience of those 2 allergy weeks in a few words.

My eyes were red and throat was dry;
The pollen from the trees was making me cry.
I would sit up at night with a shortness of breath;
It looked like my allergies was beating me to death.
Then it rained one night for my swollen eyes to meet;
That green river of pollen which flowed down the street.
It was a heartfelt relief, and my joy knew no bound;
Felt as it my life took a merry turn around.
My morning started on a cheerful note;
And I looked to end the day on a serene quote.
Until I sneezed and wiped the tears off my eyes;
Realized that pollen had engulfed me for life.

~Narendra V Joshi

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