Monday, April 20, 2015

What comes with Age

My wife was putting our daughter Akshara to sleep the other day, when Akshara told us she did not like being a kid. She wanted to become a big girl. That way mama and papa will allow her to watch her princess cartoons for long. She could play in the playground with her friends all day and doesn’t have to worry about homework.
I took some of the words Akshara used, to put this poem together. The first 2 paras are what she told me and the last 2 are what I wanted to tell her.

You are big, you are strong;
If I am like you, nothing can go wrong.
I can eat, I can sleep, I can play at my will;
With mama cool, I can relax and chill. 
I can jump on the bed or dance for a song;
I can watch my cartoons all day long.
I will have no homework, no assignments to think upon;
Just friends and playground, in a minute I am gone.
The life of a parent is the hardest it can be;
Balancing every minute is the only secret key.
Cartoons and princess stories are the only channels we can see;
Juggling diapers and homework, we just one busy bee. 
We worry about our careers and taxes and fees;
And of diabetes and cholesterol and those million allergies.
None of these worries were with us when we were born;
The age picked them on way, for us to carry along. 

~Narendra V Joshi  

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