Sunday, June 30, 2013

Building new hopes

The floods and the earth quake have devastated the region around the revered Kedarnath temple in Uttarakhand, but as per the new reports the temple sanctorum and the shrine bell are safe. This news strengthens faith and has raised new hope for the survivors and the devotees alike. 

The need of the hour is to build on this new hope, and support and contribute to rejuvenate the lives of the affected people. Hope the entire nation comes forward to help the distressed hearts by supporting them in all ways possible. 

The first glimpses showed death and destruction was all that stood,      
In the place revered righteous heavenly and good.
The flooding water had ravaged everything in its wake;
Flattening buildings and trees, putting lives at stake.

The receding water showed the still intact temple in full view;
Strengthening faith and raising new hope to those surviving few.
This new picture affirmed not all was lost,
With the Lord in front, a different battle has to be fought.

It’s upon us to rekindle the hopes and lives and dreams;
Of those distressed hearts, supporting them by all means.
Our contribution and support is the need of the hour,
And only this can heal and forge the bonds forever.

~Narendra V Joshi

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