Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Big small thoughts

I was in the train heading to the office this morning when a group of kids got into the train. They were about 12 kids aged around 15 years. They were running and chasing each other up and down the train from the moment they got in. Once they were seated, they pulled out their smart phones and started taking pictures of each other.

Looking at them reminded me of my school days. Walking to school with friends in the morning, chasing each other back home, playing cricket on the footpath, skipping classes, getting scolded for dirtying the uniform…  One thing I cannot forget is that when I was a kid, I wanted to be like my father; grow up and go to work J. And today as I sat in the train looking at those kids I could not stop wondering how much I missed my school days!


The whistle blew as the train readied to move from the stop;
People searched for seats holding close their bags not to drop.
The train moved still the noisy kids scrambled to find a place.
Chasing each other it seemed they were playing a game of maze.

Looking at them reminded me of my school day 
when running and cycling with those heavy bags seemed a normal way.
Those times of staying late at the all friends night;
And that morning rush for the last bench to keep off the teachers sight.

Strangely as it seems, the movies with friends or skipping classes didn't have its take;
Nor were those long hours in playgroup or the library detours which kept me awake.
Rather it was the thought to grow big and go to work, that was strong
Funny I miss those school days now that I have come so long.

~Narendra V Joshi                   

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