Monday, December 17, 2012

The short lived cheer

My wife and daughter were just back home from the Christmas and the holiday party at our daughters preschool, when the news of the Newtown school tragedy came out on the breaking news. I simply could not believe what had happened. It’s just gruesome, inhuman and pure evil. Had written the first 3 stanzas when I went to drop my kid at the school on Friday morning and added the 4th one later. My heart and prayers go to the families of the victims of this horrible tragedy.  

Cheers and whistles echoed through the hall.
As the pretty little kids stepped in to their teachers call.
Picking their noses as they walked in a line; 
The band was ready soon for their big choir time.

The big ones sang along as the carols played.
While the little ones mostly gave a confused stare.
It was to the parents who waved to the song;
Hoping their little ones will follow along.

The performance was over and the kids were ready for the treat. 
It was not just the cakes but Santa too whom they were to meet. 
With the pictures and cakes and candy canes through;
The wishes and cheers for the holidays grew.


A sense of horror and disbelief, and grief filled the day.
As the news of the gruesome tragedy slowly trickled its way.
We could only pray as we huddled and held our daughter tight;
Praying to give those families the strength, and help set the things right.

~Narendra V Joshi

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