Monday, March 19, 2012

The summer dream

The winter pretty much has ended dull and snowless this time. Setting aside any hopes of snow or ice, it’s now time to look forward for the spring and summer. The trees have already started blooming with the summer like weather for the last few days. Looks like maybe there might be no spring at all this time. But one thing in all this is that “wait”, the look forward for the new season; the changes we look for, in the things around us and the changes that we do in our everyday life. None of this has changed.

I had hoped to make a snowman with my daughter Akshara but that did not happen. At least the idea of teaching her swimming looks to happen sooner than expected.

The curtains are drawn and it’s almost an end
Of the winter which seems if it even begin
The clock that was put back has now been set
To invite the new season all over again.

The trees will blossom soon with flowers and leaves
With chirping birds busy with nests to weave
Butterflies and bees will feast on the floral rife
The arrival of spring will herald a new lease on life.

Shorts and flip flops will replace the winter wear
And the burning barbeque food will fill the evening air.
With kids on skate boards and bikes around the block
The swimming pools will be crowded round the clock.

We are just an audience in the big scheme of things
Cheering for the change as a new season takes wings.
Neither do we own nor can we control
These seemingly simple changes the changing season brings.

~Narendra V Joshi

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Shabs said...

Wow hidden talents sir ji