Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where is the snow?

It has been rather an unusual lackluster (or should I say “snowluster”?) winter this year.  With the rains replacing the snow and the temperature hovering close to record highs, it’s more like spring or rainy season than winter. The snowman and all those wintery pleasures are still just memories.  
I woke up to yet another rain washing my dreams of snow this morning. Hopefully the prayer of all those people like me waiting for snow is answered soon.

It was fun with all those coats and socks
Making a snowman with snow and icy rocks
Day or night everything around looked all covered white
The snow and the cool breeze which all seemed so right

It has been anything unlike a cold season so far
For an occasional chill more like a winter scar
No snow or ice for skiers and skaters to sizzle
Just dark cloudy days with gloomy drizzle

Wonder where into hiding has the winter gone
The snow and those little joys are all but drawn
Hoping now at least to have the season set straight
Ending months of prayers and relentless wait.

~Narendra V Joshi

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