Friday, November 18, 2011

The lucky few

I like the rainy season and I like the smell that accompanies the rain especially after a dry spell. A long drive on an open road during a light drizzle is great;  and its best with a cup of hot coffee and hot spicy pakodes! It has been raining just the way I like it, for the last few months. Maybe the rains in the last few days might as well be the last rains for the season before it gets cold.

I had read about the drought in a nearby state, a couple of weeks back. It said this was the worst drought to hit some cities in more than a decade, putting thousands of people into grave hardship.
Couldn't stop thinking why it can't rain there too as here.

The cool wind struck as I stepped through the door
Rain laden clouds had started to pour
The water flowed; the aroma spread
And the sky above looked glaring red.

Months have passed with pouring treats
It will soon be time for the rains to retreat
Nectar or not but like bee buzzing around flower
This is the only place it always seemed shower.

People and cities quite a plenty
But the rain spread seems surprisingly scanty
Lucky as I said to myself
Letting empty answers speak for themselves.

~Narendra V Joshi

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