Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mr. God, Please wake up.

He is all knowing; he is all powerful; he is everywhere; he is in everything; the air you breathe; the food you eat; he is the beginning; he is the end; he is the purpose of every life; he is one who makes all rules; he transcends sin; he is beyond limitations......

He is dumb; he is shy; he cannot protect himself; he silently suffers all humiliation; he needs support; he lacks courage; he has gone into an indefinite hiding..................

Who is He? He is Mr. God.

I was reading about the recent cartoon controversy in which God of one religion was showed inappropriately. There were more such related links which took to different such incidents in which people had “misused” the names/life stories etc of Gods of other religion. Every time it had happened, there were protests from people of the religion whose God was in news. People burning posters and flags and other things to, disgrace the other persons God. Most of the protests had turned violent and people had even lost their life in them. But one striking missing piece is that, there is not even a single mention in any of the news, of God himself trying to protect his own image and reputation.

Just see around for yourselves. Everybody will react in some manner to show their anger if they have been abused or ridiculed. Some might react immediately and some might take a longer time but everybody will react. But this person Mr. God hasn’t ever reacted in spite of he being the centre of controversy and in spite of the fact that it is his name that is getting tarnished. If he is all knowing, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omni this, Omni that etc where is he? Is he sleeping? Is he afraid of something? Can’t he show his displease?

Okay, for the moment let us concentrate on what he has already done instead of what he is doing. He has created everything around us; he has created humans, put brains in our heads so that we have the ability to think. He made people come up with different languages, beliefs and more importantly different religions having different God’s!! Look into the teachings of any religion. It is the same. Peace, Peace and more Peace. He is the person who makes all rules and his creations are really beautiful. But did such a minor thing of not creating different Gods and different religions miss his mind or he couldn’t he think about it when he created all this? If only he had given only enough intelligence to humans to create only one religion or have all people follow only one God none of the incidents which happen in his name would have happened. Or much better, don’t create any religion at all. (Maybe this is a bug in his coding which missed out testing too!! But even after so many production problems this bug is still not cleared or corrected!! I am only wondering why he can’t fix this bug!!!!!!!)

Starting from creation, every aspect, of the concept of religion was ridden with problems which God never took responsibility of. So I think the root cause for all these problems is God himself in one way or the other. He is the person to be blamed and not anybody else. It’s high time he takes action to protect his image and reputation or take responsibilities and fix the bug he has put, if he truly wants peace, peace and more peace.

~Narendra V Joshi

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Anonymous said...

And yet you still have faith... Either amazing or moronic.